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While the ideas are flowing we decided to keep recording. Planning on setting up HQ as a recording studio for the next few weeks to capture the second half of the next album, titled Informal Revolution.

Been hard at work on prepping Fuoco Infernale's official release. We released the limited edition wooden case for National Record Store Day. Next up are remixes for singles and then picking a release date.

New live shows previewing the album will be the last saturday of june, july, and august at the uber-hip Czar Bar in KC, MO with Brandon Draper headlining.

Outono mp3 album on sale for $5.99 at

Guess what. We're writing new music again for our show Nov. 21st at the Czar Bar along with Stereo Command, Box The Compass and VJDN8 on visuals all night long.

New concert alert. We will be performing new material on Oct. 6 with Stella Luce at the Foundation and then Oct. 10 at the Record Bar with Roman Numerals.

Monta are back in the studio recording two EPs and an ambient album. We also purchased an building and will be moving our studio and rehersal space into HQ.

Free Download

Into A Cold Night is up now for a free download on our site until the end of March. Get it here.

New Videos

We've got new live concert videos posted in the media section.

Outono Tour

We are doing a few dates performing Outono in it's entirety during the spring including a headlining slot for a Donkey Show at Crosstown Station featuring fire-dancing hoola-hoops and an Alice In Wonderland theme. Check it May 9th in Kansas City, MO. We will be back to KCMO on May 23rd opening for Extra Golden (Thrill Jockey) at the Record Bar. 

Outono Out Now

Outono is out now and sounds great. Radio stations have started playing But The Voice Was, Of Autumn's Fatal Wind and more from the album. You can order it directly from the website or get the mp3s at

More Outono news

Outono will be released March 13th 2009 on 140gram clear vinyl with a free mp3 download of the album. Outono will also be released worldwide digitally the same historic day.

Monta will start their tour February 13th at the hip Record Bar in Kansas City, MO. More dates to be announced.

Free MP3

Download Pleasure. Pleasure is a b-side from Gringo. enjoy!


From the Portuguese, Outono translates to autumn. For Monta At Odds it represents the end of the Gringo tour. The last days of outdoor activity. The recording of ideas that had been building during the Gringo tour.

And from all of this culminates into a new album of nine songs that represent where we were musically this fall. Stay tuned for more news on the release...

New Site

We have a new site. You can also catch up with news and such on

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